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A big welcome to all Kaskazi paddlers and guests, owners or those just thinking of purchasing one of these fine kayaks, this is the forum for you.
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 Fishing Drogue

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PostSubject: Fishing Drogue   Tue Mar 16, 2010 3:02 pm

When fishing from a kayak or boat a drogue is a much underrated piece of equipment that can make a huge difference to your fishing and comfort. Our drogue has been specially designed to be exceedingly effective from both the kayak and even small boats up to about 19 feet in length. The colour has been carefully chosen so as to double the usefulness of the drogue as a piece of safety kit as well, the fluorescent orange is highly visible and yet to the fish, which see in grey scale, is a pale grey and so blends well with the sky. Draped across the kayak or even tied to your paddle it will become a very effective high visability target if you need to be seen. To set the drogue, simply attach the end of the drogue line to your anchor haul (anchor trolley for Yanks), either by tying it directly to the loop, or by using a carabiner or small spring shackle. Pull the haul to wherever you wish to deploy the drogue from, according to how you want the kayak to drift. By setting the drogue from amidships, the kayak will drift side on to the wind. Set it from the bow and the kayak will swing head to wind/sea, and will drift much more slowly because you are presenting less surface area to the wind - this can also be used for safety in a squall, or if you are injured and cannot paddle back, deploy your drogue from the bow and call for help, the drogue will reduce the distance you drift IN THE WIND considerably. Setting it from the stern does the same - to ride out a big sea, setting it from the bow is better. Simply place the drogue in the water beside the cockpit. Your browser may not support display of this image. With the line at the chosen position on the anchor haul and the kayak more or less where you want to start your drift - remember to give it a bit of time to set, so position plus about 5m or 10m - simply place the drogue in the water beside the kayak. That’s it, if you want to set the drogue faster, simply backwater with your paddle a couple of strokes to pull the line taught a little faster. Your browser may not support display of this image. That's it. The kayak will lie to the drogue and you can fish away. The kayak will drift far slower than without, it can be almost as slow as anchoring, but you will cover ground at a gentle pace. Your browser may not support display of this image. Our drogues have been developed specifically for the kayaks, we have put 8 lines on, not 4, so they deploy much faster and you can use a smaller drogue. They are light, fold up to nothing and work perfectly. Several people will testify to their effectiveness - Spud, Sharkhunter, Essexboy and Todaymueller who was glad of his in the rough water at Exmouth. To pick the drogue up, there is no need to haul on any lines, as you will hear some folks say. Simply paddle to the drogue so it is beside the cockpit, pick it up either by one corner, or better the middle of one side. It will fold up and empty its water immediately with no strain on the kayak. Just dump it in the cockpit and paddle off to do your next drift.

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Fishing Drogue

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